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The Activated Dreamer 4-Week Masterclass (self-study)

Although this is a self-study masterclass, you will have direct access to myself the course instructor and other activated dreamers via the private Facebook group.

You sleep 1/3 of your life and have nearly 2,000 dreams every year...

Empower Yourself...

with the ability to decode and understand the messages of your dreams... the messages from your soul. 

Your dreams are an untapped resource, an untapped healing and transformational tool giving you breadcrumbs EVERY NIGHT to attract and live the life you want to live, as well as providing you clarity, creativity, insights and healing. 

What you'll get...

*Week 1

Intentions + Morning & Evening Rituals

I share my personal morning and evening rituals (aka routines), for you to create new powerful morning & evening habits to set you up for a powerful day and good night of sleep that don't take up much of your precious time. Commit to them for 21 days and see what magic unfolds...

What are dreams

Learn what dreams are through the eyes of modern psychology and mysticism. 

Why are dreams important

Learn why it is vital that you (and we as a society) not only start paying attention to our dreams, but also learn how to utilize this precious tool we are all inherently born with.

Dreams in ancient history

Discover the wisdom, beliefs and practices ancient cultures around the world had about dreams, and how they use(d) them as a tool for personal growth, as well as to help guide the decisions of their communities.

Brain states

Learn about the different brain states you can utilize various tools to get you into your ideal brain state for sleep, dreaming, lucid dreaming, meditation, focus and creativity, etc. 

Inventions and Breakthroughs

This module is here for inspiration, so you can see that your dreams can literally help shape and evolve our culture. I'll share some fun stories of inventions, scientific and medical breakthroughs that have shaped our world, as well as had an influence on our pop culture, all that have originated from dreams.

Creativity and Creative Inspiration 

Whether you're looking for inspiration for a particular artistic or business project, or just looking to find the spark of creative inspiration in general, your dreams are full of inspiration, guidance and ideas. Use your dreams as a creative muse.

Remember your Dreams and more of them

If you aren't remembering your dreams as often as you'd like, or you'd like to remember multiple dreams from one single night, these tips will help. 

*Week 2 

Types of dreams

Lean how to identify between the multitude of different dream-time experiences you may be having. Subconscious dreams, visitation dreams, lucid dreams, premonition/psychic dreams, false awakening dreams, and many more.

Dream Journaling

Why a section on dream journaling when all you gotta do is write? Well there are some tips and tricks I've developed over the years which will help you for example to be able to write down multiple dreams from one night before they slip away from your memory into eternity. 

Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation is personal to each individual, which is why I encourage you to not look up dream symbols online and instead to learn the practice of self-empowered dream interpretation which I'll teach you and break down for you into easy to follow steps, along with real life dream interpretation examples so you can follow along. 


A dream journal is great... learning to interpret your dreams for yourself is awesome... but taking it a step further and utilizing the wisdom you gain from your dreams and walking it in your waking-life... now you're a boss... I share my hacks to actively use your dreams to overcome life challenges, accomplish your goals, heal the past, accelerate your spiritual growth, and to be the brightest fullest version of yourself.

*Week 3

Active Dreaming

Learn to consciously evoke specific dreams, and even revisit past dreams to find answers, healing and to assist you in your waking-life.

The Waking-Dream

Although this title may sound like lucid dreaming, it is not. But it is actually lucid-LIVING. Increase synchronicities and invite more ease and flow into your life by learning to see reality through a new lens. In this module we follow Alice deeper down the rabbit hole, and explore how you can apply what you learned about dreams to your waking-life aka "the waking-dream". 

*Bonus - Week 4*

*Lucid Dreaming Mini Masterclass

Face your fears, find healing and comfort to help overcome anxiety,  learn to fly and safely visit dream/astral worlds by learning the foundational techniques I'll teach you to get you up and running... flying... with lucid dreaming. This is a separate mini course included with your purchase today ($27). 

*Manifestation Hacks

I didn't feel this masterclass on dreams would be complete without a section on manifestation. This is because your dreams are guiding you each night to help you manifest your "dream" life.  You'll learn the key piece to "the law of attraction" that was left out of the book and movie "The Secret". You'll also learn practical tools that you can apply to help identify any possible mental blocks around your manifestations coming to fruition.


Level Up Support Portal

You'll have 1yr access to the private community portal to connect with like minded individuals along with myself to share and get feedback on your dreams as you master this art and strengthen your intuition. As well as optional monthly Live Q&A calls with myself the course instructor.

Intuition Boost

By learning and practicing self-empowered dream interpretation along with the other nuggets of wisdom throughout this course, including a little rant I had on intuition in the dream interpretation module ;) you will become more in touch with and/or strengthen your intuition, to help navigate through life with more clarity.

Jedi Dream Interpretation Skills

After this course you'll have stellar confidence in your ability to find the unique hidden meanings of your dreams, help others find the meaning within their dreams, as well as more confidence in your day to day waking-life, as you're now receiving and understanding your own personalized manual/guide book for your day ahead from your dreams each night.

Get started with your deeper exploration of dreams and empower yourself with the wisdom that ancient cultures utilized.

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You'll see the optional add-on for the private Level Up Community, if you so choose to join for added support on your dream exploration journey. 

What People Are Saying:

Tyrone's profound knowledge of dreams and his hands on approach on dream interpretation offered in "The Activated Dreamer" masterclass helped me to make peace with my vivid and often disturbing dreams. Being a dedicated dreamer himself, Tyrone teaches how to navigate dream time experiences and how to decode their unique symbolism, so you will become more and more fluent in understanding your dreams' messages. I use Tyrone's method often, not only for myself, but also with my kid, who suffered a lot from repetitive anxiety dreams and has now opened up to freely sharing his dreams with me.


Tyrone is truly gifted! His four week course gave me so many deeper insights into my own unconscious and how I already have answers to all that I am seeking. The Activated Dreamer is a POWERFUL course and I am so grateful to have found it.

Anu G. (TED Talk "Breaking Bias)

I couldn’t recommend Tyrone highly enough!! His wisdom and the teachings have brought me so much further in touch with my intuitive self it’s incredible!! I’m a lot quicker to notice signs, and so much more in tune with my emotions!! It’s incredible to be tuning into the messages within my dreams and see the direct links either quite soon or months down the track. I feel his work is invaluable if you want to form a deeper connection to the intuitive power within you. I found his work so valuable that I now use it with my own clients and their breakthroughs have been just as amazing! Highly recommend!!

Kate L. (Life Coach)