Corona Virus :: Spiritual Meaning and Analysis

Reading the global pandemic situation as if it were a tarot card. What is the silver/gold lining to this situation? What are some of the hidden synchronistic connections that we can learn from? Down the rabbit hole we go...  



Text transcript of the above video is below...

The word “Corona” is Latin for “crown”.

Astronomy: In astronomy the the word corona is the ring of gaseous light only made visible during a total solar eclipse (when the moon is blocking the suns light). This ring of light, the corona is the crown of the sun, also known as the “halo” of the sun.

Halo: In Greek, “halo” is a CROWN of light rays, circle of light around the head of holy or sacred figures (for example Buddha, Jesus, Mary etc).

So corona, crown and halo are the same thing.

Crown Chakra: Holy and sacred figures are depicted with halos as this is representing their awakened consciousness of their glowing gold crown chakra.

Sanskrit: In ancient Sanskrit language the crown chakra is called “Sahasra” which means “NEW BEGINNING” or “thousand fold” which refers to the petals of realization of a thousand petaled lotus flower blooming into full expression from the murky depths from which it rises.

Royal Crowns: A royal crown that is worn is a piece of jewelry worn to represent the halo of the awakened sacred figure, and the thousand petaled lotus flower of the crown chakra.

"Tarot" Reading Of The Current Global Situation / Putting the Pieces Together

Despite the darkness of the corona virus, which is like the darkness of a solar eclipse where the majority of light is blocked, however despite the almost total darkness there is a ring of light still seen around the sun.

It is the contrast of the darkness that brings our attention to the light, this HALO of light, aka our CROWN of divinity, sovereignty, empowerment, and our connection to our soul, to who we really are.

As a collective-humanity our halo, crown, corona is “broken”. We are out of alignment with our true selves, highest self, source, god, aka our awakened consciousness.

The corona virus is shutting down the world momentarily, causing us all to take a pause, to go INSIDE, inside of ourselves.

It is the darkness of this virus that is giving us an OPPORTUNITY to look within, to re-evaluate our lives, to remember and re-align with our inner light, that thinks for itself, honors itself, and knows no limits. No longer dictated and controlled by powers that don’t have our best interest at heart.

To reclaim our halos, our crowns and to be the queens and kings that we are. We are empowered limitless badasses. It’s time to step into that power. Feel that.

This is a new beginning, a global spiritual awakening…

Much love & peace,
Eric Tyrone


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