Did you see the news? US Gov has off-world alien vehicle...

The US Has Physical Evidence Of Alien Off-World Vehicles
(Covered by various news outlets on July 24th, 2020)

The US Gov is calling it an "off-world vehicle". Or at least they say they have "physical evidence" of an off-world vehicle (not made on this Earth).

However, if you've ever researched this topic you would know that the US Gov has had multiple off-world vehicles since the Roswell Incident in 1947 which  is 73 years ago at the time of writing this article in 2020.

Back in December 2017, the US Gov openly shared that they do have a budget that is allocated to investigating these UFO's, which they renamed to "UAP's" (which stands for Unknown Areal Phenomena).  Then again a month or two ago, in the midst of this global pandemic, they did a re-release of that same footage however it went mostly unnoticed I believe due to being in the middle of a global pandemic.

Also, sometimes this topic is too far out there for the human brain and some of us simply check-out when this topic is brought up as it is a bit "too much to handle". If that is you, no need to fear as I am here to be your loving friendly support as you process this information. ;)

If you've been connected to me long enough you'll know one of the other topics I specialize in along with dreams/dream-time, is ET/alien contact. And ironically, my ET contact started in my dreams, until I was ready enough to handle contact in waking-reality. Since then I've been visited 7 times in my waking-life (clear awake consciousness, no drugs etc), and it has shaped the direction of my life and what I share with the world. 

If the topics of extra-terrestrials/aliens/UFO's is a new one for you, or you haven't explored it much, I'm just asking that you have an open mind to the topic as what I'm sharing here may seem "too far out there". 

However, when you look at ancient history from all cultures literally carved in stone, as well as passed down from spoken stories, they all speak of visitors that had the ability to fly and came down from the skies and taught these cultures various things to empower them such as medicine, architecture, science, astrology, ways of being, etc.  

And not only did the ancient cultures around the world talk about these visitors, but they also described the exact star systems they came from. 

What is a star system? 
Thought you'd never ask... 🤓

Our Sun is a star, and our Sun has planets that revolve around it. This is a star system. There are many star systems in our Universe with intelligent life, however two particular star systems that the ancient cultures said most of the visitors came from are the Pleiades star system, in the constellation Taurus, (which is actually a cluster of stars nicknamed "The 7 Sisters"), along with many planets; as well as visitors from the Sirius star system (which is the brightest star in the sky). Sirius is also known as the "Dog Star", as it is in the constellation Canis Major. 

To share a couple examples of the treasure-trove of evidence...
Native Americans say that their ancestors come from the Pleiades star system, as well as the ancient Greek's and Aboriginals had a connection to the Pleiades and all speak of visitors from the sky. 

The Dogon tribe in Mali (West Africa), speak of visitors that came from the Sirius star system. Specifically they say their visitors came from "Sirius B", which was only discovered by Earth humans with a telescope 5,000+ years in the future. The intelligent beings from the Sirius star system taught the Dogon people astronomical knowledge. Most ancient cultures had/have unexplainable knowledge of the stars and planets prior to the invention of telescopes.  

So that brings me to this video that just aired on the MSM (mainstream media) two days ago from the time I'm writing this... "hot off the press"...


More and more sightings have been increasing over the years, as well as more and more coverage in the news. 

Important to note: The US Gov has been reporting on UFO's / UAP's as being a "potential threat", and they may continue to play that card on us in an attempt to maintain their power and keep us in fear. However, do know, that no matter how our extra-terrestrial visitors are portrayed to us in the news, that the ET visitors that are being seen in sightings across the planet are all friendly and here to support Earth. Myself and many others I know, have had direct contact to verify this information. If you have any questions or concerns on this topic, DM me on Instagram @_Soul_Dreamers as I'm happy to answer your questions.

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Big big love,
E.T. (Eric Tyrone) ;)


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