Winks from the Universe and finding your Magic Anchor

spiritual awakening Sep 24, 2020

I was just reflecting on 'winks from the Universe', which is a thought I have often, so I decided to open up my email and share my thoughts, which I've now turned into this blog post below. 

For me, 'winks from the Universe' are synchronicities, or other un-explainable events  that catch our attention, (such as you dream of someone and see them the next day... or you are thinking about about a question and then happen to hear the answer to your question in a song in that very moment... or you grab a book off your bookshelf to find a particular page in that book and you open right to it "by chance"), which point us in the direction of contemplating and or affirming to us, that there is much more to life than we see at the surface. That all things are connected, and that the Universe is magic. 

But what is magic? Magic is often thought of as illusions, make-believe, fantasy or not real.  However when you look at the origin of the word...

magic (n.)

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Did you see the news? US Gov has off-world alien vehicle...

The US Has Physical Evidence Of Alien Off-World Vehicles
(Covered by various news outlets on July 24th, 2020)

The US Gov is calling it an "off-world vehicle". Or at least they say they have "physical evidence" of an off-world vehicle (not made on this Earth).

However, if you've ever researched this topic you would know that the US Gov has had multiple off-world vehicles since the Roswell Incident in 1947 which  is 73 years ago at the time of writing this article in 2020.

Back in December 2017, the US Gov openly shared that they do have a budget that is allocated to investigating these UFO's, which they renamed to "UAP's" (which stands for Unknown Areal Phenomena).  Then again a month or two ago, in the midst of this global pandemic, they did a re-release of that same footage however it went mostly unnoticed I believe due to being in the middle of a global pandemic.

Also, sometimes this topic is too far out there for the human brain and some of us simply check-out when this...

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Corona Virus :: Spiritual Meaning and Analysis

Reading the global pandemic situation as if it were a tarot card. What is the silver/gold lining to this situation? What are some of the hidden synchronistic connections that we can learn from? Down the rabbit hole we go...  



Text transcript of the above video is below...

The word “Corona” is Latin for “crown”.

Astronomy: In astronomy the the word corona is the ring of gaseous light only made visible during a total solar eclipse (when the moon is blocking the suns light). This ring of light, the corona is the crown of the sun, also known as the “halo” of the sun.

Halo: In Greek, “halo” is a CROWN of light rays, circle of light around the head of holy or sacred figures (for example Buddha, Jesus, Mary etc).

So corona, crown and halo are the same thing.

Crown Chakra: Holy and sacred figures are depicted with halos as this is representing their awakened consciousness of their glowing gold crown chakra.


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Don't Fear Premonition, Psychic and Apocalyptic Dreams

What are psychic / premonition and apocalyptic dreams? 
Should I worry about them?

In the short video below I cover what these dreams are, as well as shed some light on the fears that often go with them, as well as I share two premonition dream stories.

Have you ever had a premonition dream? 
If so and you want to share, please send it to me via DM and I'll share it on my Story

Big love,

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Nightmares Meanings - Are bad dreams actually good?

In this short 1 minute video I describe in brief what nightmares are. 

I hope this gives you a little comfort for any future nightmares.

Much love,
Eric Tyrone 

Transcription of the above video below.

Yo fellow dreamer, a quick note on “bad” dreams. Your dreams speak a specific language for you, and are there to help, and guide you into alignment with your fullest, and might I add limitless potential. Even what we call “bad” dreams, are actually good in that they are bringing your attention to predominant thought patterns and beliefs that are no longer serving you. Old programs that you can hit control, alt, delete on, and choose your ideal operating system. Choose your ideal thoughts and beliefs, in each moment. So… bring it on bad dreams… bring it on. 

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