Activated Dreamer – LIVE Workshop


Learn How To Use The Power Of Your Dreams to tap-in to your own source of wisdom and guidance, to overcome mental blocks, heal the past, connect to your purpose, activate and manifest your full potential.



You were born with a powerful gift, that is just waiting to be FULLY ACTIVATED.

1) Interpret Your Dreams

Learn this self-empowered approach to dream interpretation. No more looking up generic dream-meanings online. Get your personalized messages from your dreams so that you can overcome mental blocks, stress, anxiety, heal, transform, grow and awaken spiritually. 

2) Integrate & Take Action

Keeping a dream journal is great, however not if your dreams are just collecting dust. In this workshop I'll teach you ways to integrate the wisdom and guidance from you dreams, so that you can make sustainable change and progress in both your inner and outer worlds.


3) Manifest Your Dreams

After decoding your personalized dream interpretation, and discovering the core insights and wisdom from your dreams to take action on, you will clearly see the breadcrumbs and guidance that is there for you daily to help you to manifest your fullest potential, your biggest waking-dreams into reality.

"I couldn’t recommend Tyrone highly enough!! His wisdom and the teachings have brought me so much further in touch with my intuitive self it’s incredible!! I’m a lot quicker to notice signs, and so much more in tune with my emotions!! It’s incredible to be tuning into the messages within my dreams and see the direct links either quite soon or months down the track. I feel his work is invaluable if you want to form a deeper connection to the intuitive power within you. I found his work so valuable that I now use it with my own clients and their breakthroughs have been just as amazing! Highly recommend!!"

Kate L.
Life Coach

Get your personalized whispers from the Universe... from your Soul...

You're literally receiving information worth more than the weight of gold every night but they're being missed. Now it's time to actively tap into this inner goldmine of wisdom and guidance to...

Identify & Remove blocks

So that you can finally move forward into being the YOU, you know yourself to be deep within. Without the need to see therapist, hypnotherapist, or consult with psychics etc. You can tap into this intuitive power within, for yourself.

Heal the past

So that you can stop projecting the past into current situations thus manifesting and perpetuating past experiences, and instead to see clearly through your dreams what is needed to release and heal the past once and for all to break the old cycle and pattern and create new positive and inspired situations moving forward. Without the need of excessive medicine ceremonies, therapies and what sometimes feels like a never ending journey of healing.

Gain crystal clear clarity

So that you can see clearly the path you want to move forward on and what steps to take. And so that you can see clearly how you want to handle and navigate any confusing, undesirable, or even desirable situations that may be manifested. Without the need to put your power outside of yourself relying on external tools such as tarot cards, astrology etc. While all great and I use them as well from time to time, we first want to tap into our own innate inner wisdom as often as we can Vs relying on external validation.

Unstoppable confidence

So that you can accomplish and bring into fruition all that you want to achieve in life. So that you can have confidence to pursue and create the lifestyle you want, doing the things you love. So that you can have the confidence within yourself to attract a soul-partner as confidence naturally makes you more attractive. Without the need to read all of the books or attend long and pricey retreats on confidence.  

Manifest / Call-in your dream life

You are abundant in dreams, and your dreams are gifting you with clues each night to not only overcome blocks and heal, but also with clues of what you need to do and/or embody so that you can manifest all that you want to call-in. Without the need of continual affirmations and visualizations. Not to eliminate these things, however to enhance them with the new found insights and guidance discovered in your dreams. 

A Tool for Spiritual Awakening

As you become an Activated Dreamer, you will see that interpreting your dreams for yourself is a spiritual practice, and you will receive deep wisdom & guidance to help you along your path, along with profound spiritual experiences that validate all that is unfolding for you personally and for humanity at large. We are in a time of global awakening, and it's time that we learn to fully access and utilize this powerful tool of dreams for communication to your inner most being, other realms, spirit guides, and for practical support and guidance in this physical reality on our beautiful planet and mother Earth. 

"Tyrone is truly gifted! His course gave me so many deeper insights into my own unconscious and how I already have answers to all that I am seeking. The Activated Dreamer is a POWERFUL course and I am so grateful to have found it."

Anu G.
TED Talk "Breaking Bias"

90 Minutes To Becoming Your Own Shaman

Your dreams are speaking to you... In this 90 minute LIVE Workshop you will Learn the art of Self-Empowered Dream Interpretation to receive your personalized messages from the Universe, from your Soul, to overcome blocks once and for all, and unlock your true potential...

Let Your Dreams Be Your Guide...
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Only $37
Limited seats available, and limited time for the listed special pricing. This workshop will fill up, so reserve your seat today which qualifies you to receive the early-bird bonuses.

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No worries if you can't make it live, you'll be sent a recording of the workshop...

Los Angeles:  Sat, Dec. 11th, 9 AM
Denver:  Sat, Dec. 11th, 10 AM
St. Louis:  Sat, Dec. 11th, 11 AM
New York:  Sat, Dec. 11th, 12 PM
London:  Sat, Dec. 11th, 5 PM
Dubai:  Sat, Dec. 11th, 8 PM
Bangkok:  Sat, Dec. 11th, 11 PM
Sydney:  Sun, Dec. 12th, 3 AM

The Activated Dreamer
90-minute LIVE Workshop
$101 Value


  • The Activated Dreamer
    90-min Live Workshop

  • Lucid Dreaming Essentials (self-study) mini-course ($27)
  • Dream Interpretation Checklist + Tips To Remember More Dreams PDF's ($7)
  • Discounted Private Community Opportunity 
    ($192 savings)
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What you'll learn...

In this 90-Minute Super-Charged Workshop and Activation

Section 1

What are dreams

So that you can have a full picture and learn what dreams are through the eyes of both modern psychology and mysticism. 

Why are dreams important

Learn why it is vital that you (and we as a society) not only start paying attention to our dreams, but also learn how to utilize this precious tool we are all inherently born with.

Dreams in ancient history

Discover the wisdom, beliefs and practices ancient cultures around the world had about dreams, and how they use(d) them as a tool for personal growth, as well as to help guide the decisions of their communities.

Inventions and Breakthroughs

This module is here for inspiration, so you can see that your dreams can literally help shape and evolve our culture. I'll share some fun stories of inventions, scientific and medical breakthroughs that have shaped our world, as well as had an influence on our pop culture, all that have originated from dreams.

Creativity and Creative Inspiration 

Whether you're looking for inspiration for a particular artistic or business project, or just looking to find the spark of creative inspiration in general, your dreams are full of inspiration, guidance and ideas, so that you can use your dreams as a creative muse.

Remember your Dreams and more of them

If you aren't remembering your dreams as often as you'd like, or you'd like to remember more dreams nightly, these tips will help. 

Your Results?

You have created new daily habits that are having a positive and noticeable impact on your daily life, which has made you more in control of your mind, vs your mind being in control of you. In addition to remembering more dreams, you have set the foundation of your understanding of what dreams are, and are awakened and activated to the powerful potential that is held within your dreams.


Section 2

Types of dreams

Lean how to identify between the multitude of different dream-time experiences you may be having. Subconscious dreams, visitation dreams, lucid dreams, premonition/psychic dreams, false awakening dreams, and many more.

Dream Journaling

Why a section on dream journaling when all you gotta do is write? Well there are some tips and tricks I've developed over the years which will help you for example to be able to write down multiple dreams from one night before they slip away from your memory into eternity. 

Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation is personal to each individual, which is why I encourage you to not look up dream symbols online and instead to learn the practice of self-empowered dream interpretation which I'll teach you and break down for you into easy to follow steps, along with real life dream interpretation examples so you can follow along. 


A dream journal is great... learning to interpret your dreams for yourself is awesome... but taking it a step further and utilizing the wisdom you gain from your dreams and walking it in your waking-life... now you're a boss... I share my hacks to actively use your dreams to overcome life challenges, accomplish your goals, heal the past, accelerate your spiritual growth, and to be the brightest fullest version of yourself. 

Your Results?

You are interpreting your dreams for yourself, which no generic meaning you find online or in a book can do. You are able to identify precisely what a dream symbol means for YOU, and you are utilizing the insights and wisdom gained from your dreams as practical daily guidance, which is making your life flow with more joy, ease and clarity.


Creative Inspiration...

Not only can your dreams be used as a tool for healing, growth, guidance, and transformation, but also as a source of creative inspiration. Did you know that there have been major films, hit songs, and world popular novels that were inspired from dreams their creators had? Whether you're a writer, musician, painter, illustrator, photographer, videographer, an artist of any form and medium, you'll learn  how to receive creative inspiration in your dreams, so that you can have a steady source of fresh new ideas.

Tap into and learn to fully utilize this powerful tool you were born with...


"Tyrone's profound knowledge of dreams and his hands on approach on dream interpretation offered in "The Activated Dreamer" masterclass helped me to make peace with my vivid and often disturbing dreams. Being a dedicated dreamer himself, Tyrone teaches how to navigate dream time experiences and how to decode their unique symbolism, so you will become more and more fluent in understanding your dreams' messages. I use Tyrone's method often, not only for myself, but also with my kid, who suffered a lot from repetitive anxiety dreams and has now opened up to freely sharing his dreams with me."



When you register today, you'll receive the below listed bonuses...

Bonus 1:

Lucid Dreaming Essentials Mini-Course

I've distilled everything you need to know to start lucid dreaming in this Lucid Dreaming Essentials mini-course. This is a self-paced audio course with accompanying pdf's, which you can take at your own time. You will learn the core techniques to become a Lucid Dreamer, so you can face your fears and nightmares with confidence to put a stop to them, feel the freedom of flying, and even travel to other worlds (also known as astral travel). This is going to start making you ever more aware and present in your daily life, where you will be the conscious director of your life vs being directed by your subconscious mind and limiting beliefs, as well as strengthen your intuition, which will give you more clarity and confidence in your waking-life.

Bonus 2:

Dream Interpretation Checklist + Tips To Remember More Dreams

At the end of the workshop I'll send you a dream interpretation checklist (PDF Doc) for you to reference the interpretation process until you get it down to memory. You'll also get the Tips To Remember Your Dreams PDF, to help you to remember your dreams more often and more of them.

Discounted Private Community Opportunity

After the live workshop you'll have an opportunity to join the Private Activated Dreamers Membership at a discounted rate of just about the cost of a couple of lattes. This includes a community of like-minded dreamers in the private Facebook Group and dream-time Mentorship from me your course instructor. This will also included monthly live Q&A calls.



Intuition Boost

As a by-product of learning the art of self-empowered dream interpretation, you are noticing that your intuition has strengthened. You are more in touch with and confident within yourself and your own inner-guidance, which has given you more clarity as you navigate through life.

Jedi Dream Interpretation Skills

You no longer look up generic meanings to dreams and dream symbols online, and have confidence in your ability to find the unique hidden meanings of your dreams, which you can utilize to help others find the meaning within their dreams. You have more confidence in your day to day waking-life, as you're now tapping into your own personalized manual/guidebook for life, each night when you sleep.


Video Testimonial

The f*#@ bomb was dropped in the below video... If you're offended by that word, please do not watch ;)


Do I Really Need To Take This Workshop?

There is a lot of information out there, in the world to sift through and process which can be overwhelming at times. Seeking for answers, healing modalities, and "trying to figure things out". 

You could spend years searching outside of yourself, however you were born with this gift of access to Universal and divine wisdom, and now it is just a mater of learning to fully tap-in to and interpret the unique message your dreams are sending you each night, so that you can be fully empowered to source your own wisdom and guidance. 

This is why I've take then time to create this Workshop, to pass along the essential information that I've learned so that you too can become a FULLY Activated Dreamer in just 90-minutes.

Join me and other Activated Dreamers on this journey, and I'll look forward to seeing you on the inside.

I'm committed to your growth and transformation...

and this is why I've made enrolling into this transformational workshop easy and accessible, along with 1 week post-workshop support via the Private Facebook Group. Join me and other Activated Dreamers on this journey...

Limited Seating Available

Become Your Own Shaman - Learn the art and medicine of self-empowered dream interpretation

I studied many healing modalities both on the receiving and facilitating end of things. I found all modalities to be helpful, however there was one missing piece to the puzzle, to the healing journey no matter what the modality and/or practice was, and that is the practice of self-empowered dream interpretation.

Your dream practice will accompany and enhance any healing modality or spiritual practice you are already using.

Your dreams are an untapped resource literally full of all the answers you seek for all of life’s questions, challenges and longings. You will learn to see what subconscious blocks may be "standing in your way" so you can move past them once and for all, and your dreams will show you the way. By learning this self-empowered approach to dream interpretation which I will teach you, you will tap into the same wisdom and power that shamans across many ancient cultures utilized as tools for spiritual awakening, guides for their personal lives and the lives of their communities. Your dreams are patiently waiting for you to listen to and understand their meaning. Learn to use the power of your subconscious mind and soul to guide your waking-life in a clear and empowered way.

"I gained confidence in understanding my dreams and how to find the hidden gems. I’m grateful for my new skills and Tyrone's life hack of applying dream lessons into my waking life."

Carter C.
Maui, HI

Empower Yourself…

with the ability to decode and understand the messages of your dreams, the messages from your soul. After-all you spend 1/3rd of your life sleeping and have nearly 2,000 dreams every year…

"I didn’t realize how important dreams were prior to working with Tyrone. I learned to see how my dreams relate to the conscious and unconscious mind which has. Dreams are magic and I'm excited I get to play and learn in them each night!"

Kathy L.
Oakland, CA

This workshop is for you if you are ready to...

  • Understand your sleeping dreams for support, healing and guidance
  • Use your dreams to connect to higher realms
  • Strengthen your intuition
  • Release the past
  • Release limiting thoughts and beliefs 
  • Manifest your biggest waking-dreams and goals into reality
  • Allow the abundance that you know is your inherent nature to flow to you
  • Actively create your future 
  • Embrace the present more deeply
  • Remember your dreams more
  • Tap into your inner shaman and inner guru
  • Gain clarity on a current situation
  • Receive answers to specific questions with confidence
  • Better understand you mission and purpose on Earth
  • Step into your fullest potential in all areas of life

Your Instructor: Tyrone B.

But who am I to tell you about dreams?!

I STRUGGLED on the spiritual path, to put it lightly. Trying to overcome mental blocks such as limiting beliefs around self-worth, financial abundance, love, emotional attachments to the past, etc., that were all playing a role in holding me back… 

Holding  me back from stepping into my full potential, in both my inner world of being happy and at peace within, and my external world of stepping into an abundant path of doing what I love, what my heart and soul had been guiding me to do, all from a place of love, support, ease, flow, and abundance. 

It was a series of frustrating life events, which was enough to make me want to call it quits on Earth. However, these events acted as a catalyst to point me onto the spiritual path of healing and awakening, as I always felt there was “more” to life below the surface, thus the journey of exploring the “more to life” began. 

This led me to seeing spiritually connected therapist, receiving hypnosis sessions, receiving energy healings, seeing psychics, shamans, reading as many self-help books as I could, and of course journaling and analyzing my dreams for additional guidance. 

As I began to discover myself, the self that had been hidden under the layers of limited societal conditioning, and hidden under layers of various mental blocks,  I then began the journey of becoming a healer myself. 

I dove deep into mindfulness, meditation, yoga, energy medicine (which included Reiki and Healing Touch), as well as studies in shamanism. 

With the early introduction into meditation through martial arts when I was 10 years old, my mindfulness journey has a combined 30 years of practice. Although it was when I was 24 that I took the full dive into the healing world which was 17 years ago now.

Dreams always stood out to me as something interesting from about the early age of 5. I felt an unexplainable connection to dreams and the cosmos which propelled me to explore these topics further as I got a little older. I began consciously working with my dreams at 14 years old.

Although at that early age I did not realize the true depth and power dreams held, and how profound they would be in my future healing and awakening process, as well as being a solid anchor to keep me going… to keep me moving forward through the challenging moments of life. 

Throughout this whole healing & awakening process, my dreams have given me clear and often very direct guidance as to what mental and energetic blocks I needed to address, what I needed to do to bring about mental, emotional, spiritual and even physical healing, how I needed to do it, as well as connected me more directly to other realms and my spirit guides. And yes, whether you are aware of it or not, we all have a divine entourage that is patiently awaiting our conscious invitation for them to work more directly with us. We will activate this in the live workshop. 

It eventually came clear to me that my primary medicine to offer the world is to teach and activate others to learn to fully access this source of profound wisdom and guidance they were born with however which is untapped by most of humanity, which is our sleeping dreams. 

With my 27 years of dream-studies, combined with my studies in energy healing, shamanism and intuitive guidance, I developed the ability to decipher the symbolic language of dreams. These studies were originally for my own understanding as an early teen, however has now grown into supporting others around the world with their dreams. This has led to insights, realizations, healing, clarity of life purpose, and expanded awareness for those that have taken my workshop, course and/or worked with me directly, and I want to invite you on this beautiful, powerful journey.

I've put my lifelong studies and exploration of dreams into this upcoming workshop, The Activated Dreamer, which is a fun, interactive, explorative journey and that will help you to start making sense of your dreams, along with 5 easy steps to start utilizing the messages from your dreams as “breadcrumbs” toward manifesting your biggest waking-dreams into reality and becoming the fullest unstoppable badass version of yourself.

The Activated Dreamer Live Workshop has two upcoming dates which will fill-up, so please do reserve your seat today, and I’ll look forward to seeing you then and there. 

Big love,

The ancient Egyptians knew...

The ancient Egyptian word for "dreams" is "raswet", which means "to be awake". Egyptians saw that in our dream-time our eyes are OPEN, and that we can see beyond the veil of this 3-d reality, receive wisdom and even explore the worlds we had access to before we were born. Learn to utilize this powerful tool that modern culture has lost touch with. Become an activated dreamer today...

First Time Workshop Special Pricing Ends...

Limited seats available. This workshop will fill up, so reserve your seat today for this exclusive offer and training and receive the early-bird bonuses.

(times listed below)









No worries if you can't make it live, you'll be sent a recording of the workshop...

Los Angeles:  Sat, Dec. 11th, 9 AM
Denver:  Sat, Dec. 11th, 10 AM
St. Louis:  Sat, Dec. 11th, 11 AM
New York:  Sat, Dec. 11th, 12 PM
London:  Sat, Dec. 11th, 5 PM
Dubai:  Sat, Dec. 11th, 8 PM
Bangkok:  Sat, Dec. 11th, 11 PM
Sydney:  Sun, Dec. 12th, 3 AM

The Activated Dreamer
90-minute LIVE Workshop
$101 Value


  • The Activated Dreamer
    90-min Live Workshop

  • Lucid Dreaming Essentials (self-study) mini-course ($27)
  • Dream Interpretation Checklist + Tips To Remember More Dreams PDF's ($7)
  • Discounted Private Community Opportunity 
    ($192 savings)
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Save Your Seat Today!

I've put my heart and soul into this workshop to distill the core information and activation you need to start accessing daily profound wisdom and guidance by interpreting your dreams, all within an easy to digest one time 90-minute live workshop.

I'm confident you'll become ever more empowered and connected to your intuition after this workshop as many students have already expressed.

Enroll today to secure your seat, and I'll look forward to seeing you soon.


 “Your dreams are a map to the life you’re wanting to create, and to all you're wanting to be and become.” – Ty


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