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You don't have to walk your path alone. Deepen your connection to your inner magic, your intuition, and step into your full potential, so that you can have more clarity and confidence on your path and mission on Earth.

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The path of spiritual growth can be challenging at times to say the least...

I’ve actively been on this journey of personal growth for 17 years, and it has been a wild ride as you can probably relate. In this time I’ve learned to navigate the challenges and sometimes intense times that arise, which I’ll help you to do the same. So that you can keep your eyes on the bigger picture unfolding, learn and integrate the lessons, remain grounded, find crystal clear clarity, an inner-calm, deep trust on your path and step into your full potential and power.

A few examples of things you might like support with


  • Overcoming limiting beliefs and blocks that may be holding you back from being fully who you want to be and from creating the life you want to live
  • Releasing the past that keeps resurfacing so you can be empowered to move forward 
  • Finding your passion and purpose on Earth
  • Help making the transition from your current work to doing the work you love, aligned with your soul mission
  • Guidance and accountability on setting up your new business 
  • Help with finding and sustaining your inner happy and passion
  • Support in developing or increasing your intuition
  • Help in connecting to your spirit guides (angels, E.T's etc), to actively utilize their support
  • Connecting with an intimate like minded group

""I couldn’t recommend Tyrone highly enough!! His wisdom and the teachings have brought me so much further in touch with my intuitive self it’s incredible!! I’m a lot quicker to notice signs, and so much more in tune with my emotions!! It’s incredible to be tuning into the messages within my dreams and see the direct links either quite soon or months down the track. I feel his work is invaluable if you want to form a deeper connection to the intuitive power within you. I found his work so valuable that I now use it with my own clients and their breakthroughs have been just as amazing! Highly recommend!!"

Kate L.
Life Coach

What You Get


  • 4x to 12x One-On-One Coaching Calls
    (depending on the durration selected)
  • Daily text/voice message access via WhatsApp for support, check-ins, accountability, and integration
  • Daily email access 
  • Identify and move beyond mental blocks and limiting beliefs
  • Practical action steps to create new lasting habits and accomplish goals (personal, business, etc.)
  • A light and fun transformational process
  • Deeper connection to your intuition
  • Connection to your spirit team/guides
  • A teammate you have access to daily
  • You also get access to The Activated Dreamer Masterclass (4-Week self-paced 10 module, 6hr audio course) 

"Being a woman I wasn't sure if I wanted to work with a male coach however I was feeling a resonance with Tyrone and he has a beautiful intuitive gift so straight away from sitting with Ty on video chat I felt 100% comfortable with my decision. Working with Ty has helped me move past some blocks and gain confidence in following my hearts calling which has been long overdue. In addition we've worked through some past trauma which I've been able to learn from and heal. I fell lighter and excited about what is to come and I would highly recommend working with him."

Los Angeles


I didn’t intend to be a coach, but it’s what the Universe had in mind for me. Like many of us, I was frustrated with how the world was, and having to work a 9-5 job I didn't like was all pulling at my heart. It created stress and this uncomfortable feeling of discontentment with life. But I felt and thought “there has to be more, this can’t be it”.

One especially frustrating day was the tipping point which led me to eagerly looking for “something else”. This wonder and wander into the mind brought up memories of various "unexplainable" events I had over the years since childhood in sleeping dreams and waking reality that were clues to this “something else”. Countless psychic precognitive moments, knowing someones name when meeting them for the first time, having a dream of someone I hadn’t seen in years then seeing them that next day, visits and guidance from spirit guides in dreams as well as waking-reality, and one that many of us have experienced is thinking of someone the moment before they call or text you.

Reflecting on these moments and this deep feeling that there was “something else”, something beyond the world we see with our physical eyes, really brought up a deep curiosity for me to explore further.

Eventually in this exploration I discovered yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and studied various energy healing modalities including Reiki, Healing Touch, shamanism and dream-work, which is incorporated into my coaching sessions.

The journey hasn’t been easy, which is why I’ve dedicated myself to support others on their path by distilling my 17 years of active spiritual and personal development into this custom tailored transformational coaching group.

"As I’ve started to develop mindfulness and meditation practices, Tyrone’s insights has been helpful and thought provoking. He has a way of helping you think deeply about how the imagery in your dreams connect to what’s happening in your life, and inspiring you along your path."

Dan S.
Berkeley, CA

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