Soul Dreamers
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Your dreams are an untapped resource, an untapped healing & transformational modality that you have access to every night...

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You spend 1/3rd of your life sleeping and have nearly 2,000 dreams every year...

Literally answers to anything you're seeking can be found within your dreams. Heal the past, release doubts and blocks that have held you back so you can manifest the life you’re wanting to live, and deepen your connection to your intuition and inner magic. It's time for your full limitless potential to shine. You just have to start acknowledging them and learn to decode their hidden meanings.

"I practice yoga daily and am now seeing my dreams as an extension of my yoga practice. I’ve learned how to interpret the communication of my soul’s symbolic messages which are there supporting my growth. Opening the world of dreams has opened my eyes and intuition to a deeper understanding of life as a whole. Tyrone's delivery is fun, clear and digestible. Gratitude for Soul Dreamers."

Kahlani B.
Kauai, HI

"As I’ve started to develop mindfulness and meditation practices, Tyrone’s input has been helpful and thought provoking. He has a way of helping you think deeply about how the imagery in your dreams connect to what’s happening in your life, and inspiring you along your path to self-discovery and self-understanding."

Dan S.
Berkeley, CA

"I didn’t realize how important dreams were prior to working with Tyrone. I now get the depth of the importance of my dreams as a tool that I have access to every night. I learned to see how my dreams relate to the conscious and unconscious mind which has opened a portal for healing and transformation. Dreams are magic and I'm excited I get to play and learn in them each night!"

Kathy L.
Oakland, CA

"I gained confidence in understanding my dreams and how to find the hidden gems. I’m grateful for my new skills and Tyrone's life hack of applying dream lessons into my waking life."

Carter C.
Mauai, HI

Dream-Time Coach, Tyrone

I didn’t intend to be a dream-time coach, but it’s what the Universe had in mind for me. Like many of us, I was frustrated with how the world was, and having to work a 9-5 job I didn't like was all pulling at my heart. It created stress and this uncomfortable feeling of discontentment with life. But I felt and thought “there has to be more, this can’t be it”.

One especially frustrating day was the tipping point which led me to eagerly looking for “something else”. This wonder and wander into my mind and soul brought up memories of various "unexplainable" events I had over the years since childhood in sleeping dreams and waking reality that were clues to this “something else”. Countless psychic precognitive moments, knowing someones name when meeting them for the first time, having a vision of a friend later finding out that at that moment of the vision the friend was on her way to the hospital, having a dream of someone I hadn’t seen in years then seeing them that next day, and one that many of us have experienced is thinking of someone the moment before they call or text you.

Reflecting on these moments and this deep feeling that there was “something else”, something beyond the world we see with our physical eyes, really brought up a deep curiosity to explore further.

Eventually in this exploration I discovered yoga, meditation and mindfulness. I quickly found these practices helped to relax and quite my mind enough that I was getting a stronger feeling of the presence of this “something else” and eventually even getting glimpses into IT.

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Your dreams are an untapped resource; an untapped healing modality and transformational tool, that you have access to every night. Empower yourself with the art and medicine of intuitive dream interpretation in this 4 week masterclass.

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“Your dreams are a map to the life you’re wanting to create, and to all you are wanting to be and become.”

– Ty


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